Veedol Freeform RS Release Grease 10L

by Dynaton Australia


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Veedol??Freeform RS 10L

Green technologies for the construction industry offer the potential to reduce environmental harm, enhance site safety and protect workers by exploiting renewable materials which are non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable.

Various technologies may be utilised to achieve release of concrete from formwork and moulds. Many of those technologies are now known to carry significant risks to site safety, the health of end users and the environment. Today, many large building sites still use diesel fuel (distillate) or other hydrocarbon-based products as a formwork release agent.

The Problem ?€? Conventional Form and Mould Oils
Conventional concrete form and mould oils are subject to a range of concerns in storage and in use:

Safety Concerns

- Many hydrocarbons including diesel are classified as hazardous substances.
- Hydrocarbon solvents may ignite and explode at temperatures exceeding their autoignition temperature.

Environmental Concerns

- Just one litre of diesel has the potential to contaminate up to one million litres of drinking water.
- The release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere has a range of harmful environmental effects.

Health Concerns

- Volatile Organic Compounds are an inhalation risk. At high concentrations, some VOCs are toxic.
- Workers?€? skin and clothing often become contaminated with form oil. Skin contact with hydrocarbons may result in skin dryness and cracking.

The Solution ?€? FreeForm Release Agents
Biolubricants are a small fraction of the lubricating oil market, however in certain applications they have been found to offer outcomes that are both superior and more cost effective than their mineral counterparts.

FreeForm release agents are intrinsically safe, environmentally friendly and user friendly:

Safe to Use

- Made from non-hazardous, non-toxic raw materials.
- High flash point and low flammability compared to hydrocarbon solvents.

Environmentally Friendly

- Biodegradable.
- No release of VOCs into the atmosphere.

User Friendly

- No harmful vapours emitted during use.
- No special equipment required under normal conditions of use.

FreeForm release agents are available to suit concrete and clay release from formwork and moulds made from materials including timber, steel, plastic and concrete. Grades suitable for related applications such as die release are also available.