Veedol Freeform Release Oil 205L


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Veedol Freeform Release Agent 205 Litre

FreeForm SG is a general purpose, mid-viscosity concrete form and mould release agent suitable for a wide range of applications.

FreeForm products are available in a range of grades to suit the majority of applications and ensure high quality results.

FreeForm SG is suitable for applications including timber and plywood form release as well as plastic and silicone mould release.

FreeForm products are ready-to-use ?€? no dilution or mixing is required. Application is typically by way of a pressurised sprayer, however application by brush or swab is also an option. Usage rates are generally lower than conventional form oils.

It is commonplace for release agent residue to be present on new surfaces. The presence of such residue can be confirmed by observing that water on the surface will bead instead of forming an even film. All release agent residue must be removed as a part of surface preparation prior to painting.

Benefits of FreeForm Release Agents
FreeForm release agents offer a range of advantages compared to conventional form and mould oils:

  • Enhance site safety
  • Eliminate health concerns for users
  • Reduced environmental footprint