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In search of BETTER SUPPORT PROPS? Discover our latest and improved alternatives, surpassing the standard Acrow props available in the market:


DYNATON Multi System PROPS (MSP Props) outperform Acrow Props in several key ways, making them an excellent choice for precise slab support in construction:

  1. Precision and Adjustability: MSP Props offer millimeter-accurate height adjustment, ensuring precise support tailored to your project's needs.

  2. Higher Loading Capacity: With a loading capacity of up to 40kN, MSP Props can handle heavier loads compared to Acrow Props, providing greater flexibility.

  3. Durability: Galvanized for rust resistance, MSP Props have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for replacements and maintenance.

  4. Versatility: Available in five dimensions, MSP Props suit various height requirements, allowing for adaptability on different projects.

  5. Compatibility: MSP Props can be used with double and single Li-heads to hold beams and bearers and with tripod stands to stabilize LVLs during installation, making them a versatile choice for construction.

In summary, MSP Props offer precision, strength, durability, versatility, and compatibility with various construction equipment, making them a superior option for efficient and reliable slab support when compared to traditional Acrow Props.

Multi System Props

Multi System Props

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DYNATON Multi System PROPS Our MSP (Multi System Props) Props are designed for precise slab support in construction. With millimeter accuracy and a...

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