Dynaton Sales and Hire is a scaffold manufacturing company bringing experience and functionality together in an industry leading scaffold system called Dynaton.

Dynaton is conceived from the scaffolder's perspective using feedback from scaffolders, engineers and project managers with more than 25 years experience in the industry.

The result is a simple to erect system which maximises safety whilst delivering labour, time and cost benefits to you and your client.

The ingenious design centres on an eight-hole rosette which provides attachment for up to eight components allowing endless configurations for construction, infrastructure and industrial applications.

Dynaton defines safety and leaves no question unanswered in its fit-for-purpose design.

The Dynaton name

Dynaton is the business name for our industry-leading scaffolding systems and related products. We are constantly adding new products to our range, each identified by the prefix, "Dyna".


The Dynaton Ringlock system combines strength and visual appeal.

The design is based on a simple eight-hole rosette which provides a positive self-securing assembly, automatic right angles, basic componentry and a straightforward logical assembly process.

The Ringlock system components are light and easy to handle as there are no threaded or loose fittings, allowing the assembly to be safe, fast and simple.

The captive wedge connections are locked with the tap of a hammer and each component is easily identifiable. Where possible components are stored in pallets for ease of handling and transport.

Our Ringlock system incorporates a unique back to back angle transom feature. This ensures the planks are held captive between the transoms and provides a safe, quick and positive location function when installing the plank decking.

All Ringlock components are hot dip galvanised to give long service, with minimal maintenance.

An added bonus is Dynaton's aesthetically pleasing look at providing your client with a project of which to be proud.


Occupational Health and Safety

Dynaton Sales and Hire Pty Ltd operates in a wide variety of diverse industries and is committed to ensuring the health and well being of our staff, customers and all others who may be affected or who rely on our products and equipment.

The Directors accept the overall responsibility for providing effective management of our workplace health and safety program and are committed to ensuring that our managers provide leadership, direction and commitment to all staff by ensuring the establishment of injury prevention goals and safe work practices.

All employees and contractors engaged by the company must take reasonable and effective care of themselves and others within the workplace to protect their own health and the well being of others. Dynaton Sales and Hire Pty Ltd enforce a safety culture throughout the company and sub-contractors in all our operations.

Dynaton Sales and Hire Pty Ltd is committed to working with our customers to create a safe working environment, being transparent, fully documented, well communicated and capable of being measured and tested.

Dynaton Sales and Hire Pty Ltd products and equipment are manufactured to Australian Standards AS1576 Parts 1-4 and comply with all associated standards regarding companion products.


What are the safety features of Dynaton?

  • The heart of the Dynaton design philosophy is safe, sure assembly.
  • With its low weight the system is ergonomic to handle during assembly and disassembly, yet strong and dependable.
  • Dynaton is manufactured in compliance with ASNZ Standards (AS1576)
  • Each part positively interlocks into a central rosette called the Ringlock system; a light tap secures the parts.
  • The Ringlock system enables centrally transmitted load-bearing – a must for stability.
  • Lighter componentry combines with configuration strength to increase load bearing capabilities above that of conventional scaffolding.
  • Safety for workers underfoot is enhanced due to the unique back to back angle componentry which ensures decking remains level on change of direction.
  • There are no bolts or projections that can be accidentally damaged, detached or increase the risk of injury.
  • Assembly is straightforward, easy and efficient


Design is everything

Dynaton helps you achieve the outcomes you require by enhancing safety and productivity whilst minimising cost and saving you time. Dyna-Ring scaffold is designed to benefit not only the end user but the labour crews who erect and dismantle as well.

All important considerations when working to a program and tight budget.

Dynaton is:

Safe and reliable

Using high quality galvanised steel Dynaton is dependable with strong, easily interlocking parts. There are no projections that can be accidentally damaged or detached. Parts are tried and proven.


Dynaton is economic to use whilst offering enhanced function and durability. Labour savings of up to 30% can be achieved using the Dyna-ring system of basic components and logical assembly. We provide prompt quotations for either buy or hire along with full engineering and drawing services.

Simple, quick and easy

Bolt free technology allows quick, easy assembly and dismantling. There are no loose parts and very little material is required.


Dynaton is designed for safe, simple use in a broad spectrum of applications such as construction, civil, industrial, mining, refineries and commercial eg. in access/edge protection scaffolding, formwork, and bridging.

Uniquely engineered

Dynaton is uniquely engineered. The eight hole rosette self-securing assembly system enables fast logical assembly using basic components, all at a faster rate than the "v" pressing type systems currently in use. Cantilevering and spans are achieved using the standard braces which are load bearing as all connections are achieved at the single node (Dyna-ring) coupling providing optimum performance of all components.


Dynaton scaffolding is compatible with other steel boards currently in use.

Maintenance free

Galvanised steel is corrosion resistant and requires no maintenance, therefore is always ready to go.

Visually pleasing

As with all projects we imagine aesthetics are important to you and your clients. With a high quality galvanised steel finish, Dynaton is guaranteed to look good!