Multi System Props


$108.86 (ex. gst)


Our MSP (Multi System Props) Props are designed for precise slab support in construction. With millimeter accuracy and adjustable dimensions, they provide reliable stability, offering a loading capacity of up to 40kN. Galvanized for durability, these props resist rust for long-lasting performance. Choose our MSP Props for efficient and reliable construction slab support. 


Available in five dimensions to suit different height requirements:

  • DO: Opens from 1,520mm to 2,500mm
  • D1: Opens from 1,720mm to 3,000mm
  • D2: Opens from 1,970mm to 3,500mm
  • D3: Opens from 2,270mm to 4,000mm
  • D4: Opens from 3,000mm to 5,000mm

The MSP prop is compatible with our double and single Li-heads to hold beams and bearers. Also, our tripod stands to provide stability during the installation of LVLs (Laminated Veneer Lumber) for use as a horizontal beam support.


Our MSP Props can be used to support vertical loads from beams and slabs. They can be used in combination with other shoring systems for in-situ concrete pours or precast structures.
All our props must be braced laterally when installed and before receiving the loads. All our props must be plumbed before being loaded. DO NOT use our props to support or plumb wall precast panels or any other diagonal loads. DO NOT use our props at the edge of the slab to provide edge protection. DO NOT stack our props vertically on top of each other.

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