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INDUS HV 68 (Zinc Free)

Indus HV 68 is a premium quality, ISO 68 HV (High Viscosity Index)Zinc and Chlorine free, ashless hydraulic oil made from selected hydro-treated base stocks, a highly shear stable viscosity modifier and an advanced AW (anti-wear) additive. In addition they contain a fluorescent dye to allow for easy identification in daytime or under UV light in dark conditions.

It meets ISO 6743 Part 4, Type HV and DIN 51524 Part 3 (HLP/HVLP) specifications


Indus HV 68 oil is designed for use in hydraulic systems subjected to wide range of ambient temperatures such as in marine environments, mining, construction and agricultural equipment and forestry.

Indus HV 68 is recommended for use in all types of hydraulic systems using vane, piston or gear pumps, air-line lubricators, vacuum pumps, lightly loaded gear sets and bearings (such as headstocks, windmill gears) and hydraulic hoists and jacks.

Indus HV 68 can be used in Marine applications which includes deck equipment, steering gear and bow & stern thrusters.

Indus HV 68 is recommended for use in cane harvester hydraulic systems and in Dingo equipment.

Please Note: A 58mm cap with pouring tap is available to fit 20 litre packs.


    *Product Data Sheet available on request