Euroboor 50S+ Magnetic Drill up to 50mm dia


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Euroboor 50S+ Magnetic Drill up to 50mm dia

  • Euroboor ECO.50S+

    Magnetic drilling machine ?? 12 - 50 mm / 12 kg

    The Euroboor ECO.50S+ magnetic core drilling machine converts maximum power through its two speed oil lubricated gearbox. This improves motor efficiency and lifetime of key components. This portable industrial magnetic core drilling machine has innovative electronics which offer more safety, significantly reduce the risk of damage of the machine, tool and workpiece and protects the user in case of excessive vibrations or sudden displacement. The lifespan is considerably longer and you avoid high maintenance costs.

    Category: Big scale fabrication


    • Annular Cutters: 12 - 50mm Dia
    • Twist Drills: 1 - 23mm Dia
    • Countersinking&Oslash: 10 - 55mm Dia
    • Stroke: 170mm
    • Weight: 12kg
    • Magnetic Force: 1700kg
    • Power: 1250W
    • Speed (no load): 315/690min
    • Speed (load): 235/425min
    • Spindle: MT3 19.05mm Weldon
    • Voltage: 220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz