Occupational Health and Safety

Dynaton Sales and Hire Pty Ltd operates in a wide variety of diverse industries and is committed to ensuring the health and well being of our staff, customers and all others who may be affected or who rely on our products and equipment.

The Directors accept the overall responsibility for providing effective management of our workplace health and safety program and are committed to ensuring that our managers provide leadership, direction and commitment to all staff by ensuring the establishment of injury prevention goals and safe work practices.

All employees and contractors engaged by the company must take reasonable and effective care of themselves and others within the workplace to protect their own health and the well being of others. Dynaton Sales and Hire Pty Ltd enforce a safety culture throughout the company and sub-contractors in all our operations.

Dynaton Sales and Hire Pty Ltd is committed to working with our customers to create a safe working environment, being transparent, fully documented, well communicated and capable of being measured and tested.

Dynaton Sales and Hire Pty Ltd products and equipment are manufactured to Australian Standards AS1576 Parts 1-4 and comply with all associated standards regarding companion products.