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Consystex FormTube - Next Generation Technology

Formtube, a Consystex's low cost, lightweight and easy to install round concrete columns is revolutionising the global construction industry. 

  • Save time, costs and labour
  • Highly customisable solutions - manufactured to requirements
  • Quick to assemble
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Environmentally friendly - made of non-hazardous materials, 100% recyclable.
  • Rigid for piling, flexible for various applications
  • Weather-resistance, designed for underwater applications with no effect on strength
  • Offered in a range of finishes - including spiral lined, textured and bespoke designs.
Consystex Form Tube - for a classic effect - available in large diameters.

Cylindrical formwork for pillars, made with bands of Kraft, aluminium and polyethene held together by a patented technology spiral system. Available with a smooth or spiral finish.‍

Large diameter - the big solution to big problems

Surprisingly light, large size cylindrical formwork with superior smooth finishes can be obtained at a much cheaper price than alternatives. It is also up to 50% lighter.

Consystex columns are manufactured out of non-hazardous materials and do not emit any form of odour. No components of the column should be however exposed to fire or hazardous materials. This can result in affecting its structural integrity.

Weather-resistance characteristics allow Consystex Columns to withstand natural temperature changes, moisture, humidity and extreme weather conditions will not affect its structural integrity.  However, if columns are subject to any exaggerations of these elements please contact our quality control department to ensure that the columns are in usable condition.

‍Care should always be maintained with the use of columns. The less exposure to water, dirt and poor handling will create a higher quality result and maximise performance.

 Dynaton Formtube

Dynaton Formtube

 Dynaton Formtube


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