Torx Bits

by Dynaton Australia

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Torx Bits

ThunderMAX Impact Power Bit



- Maximum strength for high impact & extreme torque loads
- Perfect for metal to metal fastening when extreme tightening down is required

  • The torison zone provides maximum strength for high impact & extreme torque loads
  • Superior magnetism helps the bit grip the screw and prevent cam-out
  • Precision machined tip to avoid slipping for longer life
  • Premium quality S2 raw material for superior performance
  • Optimum full body hardness for longer service life and less wear
  • Black oxide finish for extreme corrision resistance

Ideal for Cordless Drills


Thunderzone Torx Impact Power Bit

What is impact?
On standard driver bits, the tip absorbs all the concentrated torque. High impact loading leads to distorting, rapid tip failure and breakage. Thunder Zone impact driver bits, with an engineered spiral torsion zone distribute the applied impact evenly throughout the torsion zone, allowing higher impact loads and greatly extended bit life.


  • All bits are magnetized - helping the bit grip the screw and prevent cam-out
  • Compression forged tip - for an ideal fit and to reduce breakage
  • Patented spiral impact zone - to distribute torque evenly
  • Full body hardness - for a longer service life
  • Premium quality S2 raw material


Torx Hi-Torque Insert Bit

High Quality Wear-Resistant Material.

Among the millions of driver bits produced worldwide each year, only a small percentage reach the high quality standards of Alpha. Alpha?????s outstanding range of superior quality bits Alpha driver bits are simply superior! We only stock the highest quality driver bits ????? Superior Head Design, Greater Magnetism and Optimum Hardness. The result? Alpha driver bits show less wear, have a longer service life, experience less cam-out, and provide overall improved operational and economic benefits.