TITAN Megashore leg

by Dynaton Australia

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System leg for great heights
The TITAN Megashore leg is the basic element of TITAN aluminium Megashore falsework. It can carry leg loads of up to 128 kN. Combined with aluminium ledger frames, it is possible to construct large falsework units.

• Slab formwork
• Temporary propping
• Support to edge beams
• Table forms
• Falsework
• Arch centering
• Mobile formwork

• Loads up to 128 kN
• Available in three lengths
• Heights from 1.70 to 5.50 m
• Extendable
• Frame connection option
• Heights up to 24 m as support tower
• Screw jack and outer tube completely in aluminium
• National Technical Approval Z- 8.312-868

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